About Me

I am warm gray, covered in pale gold spots. When I forget I think in zinc white, and when I forget my tears are turpentine. I use Damar’s firmware to seal my memories, and even though it cracks over time, it makes them shine like baby irises. I was born in pale blue and peppermint, and our big ones tied our necks with light red cinnabar … they pioneered this. As a teenager, I found that pink is sometimes grains and black is rosy in nature and if you slap a bucket of carmine on them, they dance. I swallowed the oxide green to figure out the cadmium orange. I rubbed my fingers, rubbed it with a rag. I am rarely as fine as a velature. I work on cleaning my palette, and on breaks I draw. I am not particularly worried about the brown toss being thrown and the tosser’s hand.

I rarely do exhibitions because there are exhibitions there and would. This is my most detailed biography, we have compiled it for nine months.